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"Embracing The Beautiful Minds of Autism"

Autism 2 Tower LLC is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization providing early autism awareness and life-changing empowerment skills teaching self-confidence and self-sustainability while providing the ultimate sensory-friendly environment retreat for our loved ones impacted by sensory disabilities such as autism or any other sensory processing disorder.

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Meghan Smith

Mehan is an inspiration to those that meet her.  Although she has autism, the joy of life she shares is amazing!

Karl and son july 2, 2022

See his Linkedin profile here.

Karl Coles is the Founder and leader behind Autism2Tower.  His son Cayson is his inspiration!

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Since being diagnosed with Autism at the age of four, his father has been driven to find new ways to help all children with autism to reach their potential

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Autism2Tower planned community

An Autism Ultimate Sensory Friendly Retreat

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This will be a state of the art retreat using 100% green natural energies i.e. geothermal heating, solar, wind, free wifi, filtered well-water, and as well as 3D-technologies to create the ultimate sensory environment for our special love ones with disabilities. The Autism 2 Tower Sensory Retreat will be a life-improving adventure with a friendly staff of Occupational, Speech, Physical and Listening Therapists, and Autism Coaches and counselors to help with every aspect of our adventure while providing life-improving skills for our loved ones and family members with sensory disabilities.

Using the Arizona Empowerment Scholarship Account to educate your Autistic Child

Since 2011 Arizona governors and state legislators saw a need to give parents more control over their child’s education and educational options available to them. Prior to the year 2011, parents were confined to send their child to district schools within their neighbourhood according to government regulations even if the schools were not the best fit for their child. As of late, all of that has changed for children who fit several categories as we will discuss below.  Read more...